Drep Comix started with a bored student doodling in a notebook, but became a real thing! Its now a two guys that like making comics and games with humor, but didn’t have a name to share with the world. Now they have Drep Entertainment.

The main artists are David and Lennart. David, the one who designed the site as well as coming up with Drep Entertainment, as realistic worker with the motivation and the persistence to work hard. Lennart, the one who came up with drep comics, is the one who designs and draws most comics, coming up with creative, wacky and weird ideas.

We are upgrading the sketches in the notebooks to awesome comix with the digital programs FireAlpaca and Paint.net.

The software:

The first comix that was published was Drawin’, published on Januari 2nd, 2017.

Drep comics is a webcomic about wacky, absurd stories set in a magical world, that can always make you smile, like it? Then share it!