New Site!

Ads Drep done

Guys, its true! We have a new site! This is a very weird time to upload this, but we dont care! The new site is done! Everything that we have right here moved! Everything went to the new site:! HypeHypeHYPE!! You can also find the new Comix there, so why wait?

Maybe you want to wait for the explanaition, so here it is:

David started with this website, on WordPress. WordPress is a site that is great for starters that want to learn HTML, the standard language when you make a website. WordPress was suggested by a lot of other sites, so we tried it. But it turned out that it is  a lot harder making a site with HTML, if you don’t know anything about it. So we finally moved our site to Weebly, where you can almost edit everything! In WordPress we were very limited to a standard theme without the knowledge of HTML, and Weebly gives us a lot of possibilities! So we moved everything, we worked for almost two weeks and its finally done!

This is probably the last post here on WordPress.

Seeya on the new site!

~David and Lennart


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